It’s coach Zac, head coach here at 247
Hockey and in this video we’re going to talk about the top three ways that you
can get noticed and get the attention of hockey scouts. One: You have to be at the
top level for your age group. You can’t be at the second level down or the third
level down and expect to be noticed by scouts,okay. You need to be on one of the
top teams that’s at the highest level and if you’re not at that yet that’s all
you need to focus on is getting good enough to be at one of the top levels
and at the top level for your age group because scouts aren’t going to watch
those lower levels. Now, in addition to that when you get to that top team you have
to be one of the top players, alright. Not just a top player but one of the top
players. Be that best defenseman, be that best forward, and that’s going to give
you the opportunity to be seen. Now, you might be on a team where you’ve got
three or four players that are already highly recruited, okay, that are getting
the ton of attention so I’m just saying you’ve got to be one of those top
players. Period. You need to be one of the best players on the ice every single
night at that top level otherwise don’t worry about getting noticed. I see these
players that are on the third line or the second line and they’re wondering
how they didn’t get noticed by scouts. Get better, get on the first line, get on the
best team, and dominate every time you get on the ice. Take control of games.
That’s how the scouts are going to notice you and until you’re at that
point that all you should be working on is improving your game is building the
skills that scouts are going to notice. There’s a quote: Be so good that they
can’t ignore you. That is the truth. The number one thing that you can do is get
your game so good that you demand attention. If the other team knows about
you, and if the other coaches know about you because you’re so good that they have
to pay attention to you then you better believe scouts are going to notice you.
Step 2 So now let’s say you’ve accomplished
step 1. You’ve become one of the best players on one of the best teams. Why do
a lot of best players on best teams still not make it? They may have really
good skills, they may be one of the leading scorers but still they’re
getting passed by. So this is where we’re going to focus on,
because this is where I think a lot of players make mistakes. You’ve got to work
to be one of the best players on one of the best teams, but at that point that’s
still not enough. Now we got to focus on the details because scouts are watching
all the best players on all the best teams so they’re comparing you to all
these other top level players that they’ve seen so unless you understand
the details of the game and how to get noticed and how to do things that
they’re looking for then you’re going to get passed by. They’re going to be like:
yeah, yeah, he’s good. He’s one of the best players on his team or her team, but I’m
comparing all these other top players and out of all these hundreds of
top players that I’m looking at I only want two or three. So then how do you get
the attention of the scouts? And the key is a couple of things. One is your habits
on the ice, okay. Competing extremely hard, playing away from the puck, making good
decisions with the puck, not turning the puck over constantly, knowing when
to have patience and when to make a smart simple play. So they’re looking at
your habits with and without the puck. What do you do without the puck? Are you
making smart decisions? What do you do with the puck? Are you able to make plays
and know when to take a chance and know when not to take a chance? So they’re looking
at your hockey habits, your positioning your smarts, the way that you play away
from the puck, how hard you compete every single shift. Those are the things you’re
looking at, and don’t think you can just turn it on when a scout’s in the building.
You have to act like that every single game. You can’t just do it when you’re
at a tournament that scouts are watching. You have to practice like
that, you have to play like that every single game because that’s how you’re
going to actually make it a habit. 3: Make sure you do what you do better than
anyone else, okay. So whatever your main strength is, if your main strength is
goal scoring, if your main strength is play making, if your main strength is
being a puck moving defenseman, make sure you do that one thing better than
anybody else, alright. So you got to highlight that one thing. Don’t act like
you’re going to be a goal scoring go go get a goal, you know, one goal every
couple games. You better get two, three goals a game if that’s your thing. Don’t
act like a play maker if you’re not going to be out there making
play. So not only do you have to be well-rounded and you have to do
everything well, you’ve got to stand out for that number one thing that you do
better than anybody else. So you still got to block shots, you still got to take
the body, you still got to make smart decisions with the puck, and then
whatever it is that’s your main strength as a hockey player, the role that you’re
going to have.These teams are looking to fill roles. They need goal scorers, alright. They need power play specialists, they need penalty killers, they need two-way players, okay. They need physical big, physical strong defensemen that are
smart with the puck and can get shots on net. They need puck moving defenseman that
can follow up the rush and join the offensive play. So whatever your role is
you better do that better than anybody and you have to be noticed for that one thing
because then in the scouts’ mind they’re looking to fill those roles and they’re
going to see you as somebody. So if you’re just good at everything and you’re
average at everything that’s not enough. You need to be great at everything and
then you need to be unbelievable at one thing. Go to,
okay. and I’ll
give you a download in the video that’s going to talk about even more tips, more
tactics, a checklist that you need that scouts are going to be looking for. We only
covered three here we’re just scratching the surface but there’s even more. So
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