What’s up guys? Coach Madden, YouGoProBaseball.com and I’ve
got a pitching drill for you today. Actually, two drills that you can do with
this one tool, this very cheap tool, that I got from Amazon and I’m going to show you
exactly what it is right now because I haven’t opened it yet. I hope it’s the right thing and it’s a hockey
puck. But that’s what we’re actually going to use
for this pitching drill. We can use this hockey puck for fastballs
and change ups and I’m going to show you how you’re going to use this to work on both of
those pitches. So for the fastball what I see a lot of young
guys doing when they throw that they shouldn’t be doing is they get around the ball. Ok. They don’t have good pronation when they go
to throw the fastball. And a lot of young guys will have glove side
movement. Right. So they’ll throw the ball and their ball will
naturally move this way and that can lead to a lot of elbow problems. Young guys getting around the ball like that
and it’s something that I see a lot. With this however we can work on staying behind
that baseball. Because if we go to throw this and we’re getting
on the side of the baseball as we throw it obviously it’s not going to spin straight
backwards. But if we’re staying behind that hockey puck
and spinning it straight backwards having good pronation. Now if you think about pronation you think
it might tilt the puck the opposite way but actually all we’re doing is getting more extension
and getting that middle finger to be the last thing on the hockey puck. We still want backspin on this hockey puck. So it’s a great way especially for guys who
get around the ball on their fastball to work on that and get the good rotation that they’re
looking for. The second way you can use the hockey puck
is for your change up and this is a great one. In fact, the reason I bought this hockey puck
is because I had a young man come in for a pitching lesson with me and he brought a hockey
puck with him and he showed me this drill he was working on his change up and he was
using the hockey puck to work on it and it was a great drill. I’ve seen the fastball hockey puck drill before
but I’ve never seen it used with a change up and this is what he was doing. It’s a great drill. He was gripping the hockey puck this way instead
of this way with the fastball, we’re gripping it in our finger tips a little bit lower than
our finger tips about mid finger just above the knuckles and we’re just going to work
on feeling that pronation off of the side this way and we’re trying to get this hockey
puck to spin straight sideways like this with the rotation. So now we’re really trying to get that pronation,
get inside of that hockey puck, and spin it off our fingers straight this way as it’s
flying forward. So I know I talked about the fastball and
the change up for this hockey puck drill but you can actually use this for the curveball
too. You just want to get that 12 to 6 movement. Obviously if you’re a little tilted, if you’re
that 11-5 guy, you just want that same spin on that same axis that you’re trying to create. Now, the only problem with the curveball is
for a guy with smaller hands, a younger guy, it might be a little bit tough to grip but
those guys older with bigger hands you can add in the curveball hockey puck drill as
well. So if you’re struggling getting around the
fastball or not getting enough movement or change of speed on your change up, then go
buy yourself a hockey puck off of Amazon. This was only a couple bucks. Now when I was shopping for this on Amazon
there are like training hockey pucks. You don’t need that stuff. This thing was cheap so. Matter of fact I’ll just go find the link
that I used and I’ll drop it down in the description below if you guys want to get the same exact
one as I did. So, I hope you guys liked this one. Don’t forget to subscribe because I’ve got
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