Today for curling, the U.S. team played against
Italy at their home country and the U.S. won 13-3. There are many strong teams this
year so it is very competitive. We won today and
it feels really good. What do you think
when you make a throw? What is the most
important thing? Well, the most important
thing is the line of delivery. If you can hit where
the broom is pointing, then you will make
a strike when it arrives or it will hit another stone. If you are off by one inch,
it goes way off course. This is a curling broom. It has a special fabric on it
so you can sweep on ice. The color yellow is required
because it is approved by the WCF, the World
Curling Federation. The color yellow
means it is authorized. Our shoes look like this. This is so it will slip
easily and you can glide. The other shoe is regular. Although it is very cold,
the athletes do have perspiration because of
the intense sweeping. They have red faces
and look winded. I’ve also observe that
deaf athletes have to make up signs to communicate. Hearing athletes
use their voice, but Deaf athletes have to
communicate through signing. It’s very gesture-based. I’ve seen that various countries
has their own signs and gestures. Hi! I’m Stacy Nowak. I am on the USADSF Board
and I lead the media team here. This morning, four of us from
the media team were ready to go from Chiavenna up to Madesimo. But my car’s tires spun
as it was stuck. So we pulled over
to the shoulder and after discussing it decided to
add snow chains for traction. We were able to drive easily. It felt like a new game, wow! Look at all this behind me. It’s the Chess
Blitz competition. It is a three-minute game. The players will click
on a digital device that is a countdown clock. They have two seconds
that they can earn on their clock per move. Both players get two seconds
each time they take turns. If you’re stalled and
thinking of what to do, the countdown time
will wind down. So even if you get two more
seconds, you’ve lost more time. There are women players and
men players in separate groups. When a player wins a match,
they get one point. A tie is half a point. A loss is zero points. The goal is to get
the most points. The highest score
wins the gold medal. I lost, but I felt
good and fresh. He was a FIDE Master and the 6th
ranked person in this room. So I played at the beginning
pretty well and almost got in a draw, but he had a bit of an advantage
and I lost at the end, but it is a good game
and a good start. The men U.S. chess team
has several players on it but only three players
are in Blitz today. There are no U.S. women. I just played a game and lost. I was leading and keeping
an eye on the time. I had 19 seconds left but
as I played, time ran out. I should have looked at
the clock more often! Today’s Chess Blitz ended
with a gold medal awarded to a Russian woman. The gold medal for the Men’s
group went to an Israeli. He is actually a Grand Master, which makes him one of the top
chess players in the world. He’s really happy. He’s won the Deaflympics, which
is at the top of the deaf world. I’ve worked so hard
and I will keep it up. It was an exciting day
for Blitz chess! Participating in theDeaflympics
was one of the most amazing and eye opening experiences
I’ve ever had. It’s the first hockey match, which is an intense match
between Russia and Canada. It’s now the third period. There are 8 minutes left.
Canada is leading 2 to 1. I saw a hockey stick
break into two. There are many fans. Hockey is regular one of
the most popular sports for the Winter Deaflympics. The match is over,
Canada wins 3 to 1. Hi! We’re from Canada! This afternoon I watched you
play against Canada. How do you feel? I enjoyed it. At first I was unsure, but
I played the game and lost. It’s okay, its normal. You will play against the U.S.
How do you feel about that? That’s okay. I’m watching them play
and studying it! The US played against
Finland and won 6-2. When you play against Finland, it’s impossible to
count them out! Their goalie is very talented
and respected. They’re able to make it
a tight game with little margin for error. It’s stressful, but
our team came together, stayed positive and
pushed each other to excel under great pressure. I feel good about the next game. We all come together to focus
on one game at a time, one period at a time,
one shift at a time. It feels like destiny right now. I also filmed
the curling Men’s team. Here’s an update: they beat Canada – and for
the first time in history 11-2. We have a lot of respect
for our Canadian neighbors. In the 2007 Olympics, the U.S.
played Canada five times. This is the first time
we’ve beaten them. It’s a truly special moment – I’ll always remember that
we fought for our country. Now it’s time to teach you
two new Italian signs. This is “mountain.” The second one is
this, “winter.” It’s similar. Have a great night! Bye. Captioned by