Practice and preseason have been going well so far I think everyone came in ready to work hard. We were kind of disappointed with last year how we didn’t make it to the E8’s so I know that’s an end goal for everyone and we want to work hard to accomplish that and it shows in practice. Yeah I think we’re you know just trying to be good all-around. I think every team loves to hit. You get energy from big hits but you can also get energy from great digs or great blocks and so defense is kind of been our focus, just so we’re level so that we’re not a one-sided team. We can get balls back up and we have hitters, it’s just can we get the other team’s balls back up so that we can, you know, execute our offense. So far we’re focusing on defense, passing and serving. if you can play good defense, serve-receive, and make sure your serves are hard you can win the game so that’s what we’re mostly focusing on so far. I think for sure, we’re where we left off which is really a really good feeling you know as a coach you get nervous sometimes when people watch your team and they’re like, “oh your team looks pretty good.” You’re like don’t say that, you know, I don’t want to hear that. I look at them the same, no matter if we’re really good or we’re not very good. We’re just gonna work hard every day and hope that at the end of the day it’s enough. We we’re just a couple points shy last year so I think the expectation is always to make the tournament, and when you don’t, you’re disappointed. I think we have the tools to do it. So we definitely have confidence knowing that our team from last year has basically stayed the same, plus we’re adding new freshmen, they’re all pretty good, pretty well acclimated, and I think we can grow from there. First and foremost, we want to make it to the E8 tournament for sure. We’d love to make it to the finals of the E8 Conference Championship definitely and then if we can win it, of course we want to win it, but also we just want to have a good season, play well and win a lot of games. We have eight seniors who’ve already set those goals. I think they set those goals last year and so they’re pretty hungry to get back to the tournament and you know and be able to play, especially in their final year. I try not to have expectations, I guess, because then I can only disappoint myself if they don’t go the way that I want them to go I just expect really for them to come in and work hard and we’ve always been able to achieve pretty good things just by working hard.