First few days of preseason have gone
pretty well, coach being on the ice, guys are working hard, physicality is good, motions there, so it’s all positives that we want going into the season. Well the vibe this year going in, especially move-in day in preseason, especially as soon as Captain’s skate started. The vibe, everybody started to
click right away even with the freshmen. Made them feel welcome off the bat so we constantly had like right away that family kind of vibe. Definitely a good feeling going into this year. Our energy has been great actually. Our captain’s did a great job preseason. You know, preseason coaches aren’t around it, so it lays on the captain’s a little bit for them to get our guys in shape and they did a
tremendous job. I think this year speed is a big asset of ours. Playing with the pace that we want to play with and you know having other teams in their
zone is is what we want to do. We’ve been working on a lot. Like you heard from the other three captains is a high tempo, being in everybody’s face, not
sitting back, constantly going north and just competing 24-7. Playing a full 60, you
can’t play 58 minutes win hockey game, you need to play a full 60. We got a good core of guys with the freshmen coming in. We got some good talent, we’re gonna be
young in the backend so we’ll have to work on that, but up front we’re very offensively talented and we got a lot of speed That’s gonna be one of our
strengths. Hobart’s always an opponent that we look
forward to playing. They’re always high ranked it’ll be a good test for us. Like you said, there is a buzz around campus and we expect to have a good turnout so we want to put on a good show, too. I would say the biggest thing
when playing Hobart with Elmira is the historical rivalry and it’s gonna be a
physical competition. It’s gonna be very close game. It’s gonna be one that you’re gonna want to see. We need all 27 guys to buy in, every day, doesn’t matter where you are in the lineup, where you are in practice. Everybody needs to buy in and
come together as a family. We saw it the past three years what happened and it’s not acceptable. We need to get back to what Elmira College is. Opening up against two ranked teams in the top 10. I wouldn’t want it any other way. It’ll be a good test for us to see what we got right off the bat. To get votes in the national spotlight after having three conference wins it
a little I guess maybe it’s a credit to the history of her program, but it was a
little bit surprising to me honestly. I know how good our group is I know
what we have in our locker room and I really think we’re gonna shock a lot of
people this year.