(uplifting music) – We’re really installing
that fighting culture where we’re not gonna give
up, we’re not gonna quit, we’re not always gonna be the most dominate team on the court, the most skilled team on the court, but we are gonna be the
most competitive team. We are not gonna roll
over, we’re not gonna quit. We’re gonna fight til the very last play and teams that do that against
us are gonna really struggle. (uplifting music) We brought in five freshman for this fall, a lot of skilled positions. We brought in two setters and a libero. And we brought in two middle blockers. And we’re really excited about them. They are dynamic and exuberant. They’re kinda like any typical freshmen. They believe they can conquer the world and they jump real high
and they hit real hard. And our ball control specialist
is a really great addition. You wanna build a culture
of a winning program. We wanna build a culture
of a program that expects to be in the top 25 every year. We’re gonna compete every single night. In terms of wins and loses, I don’t really wanna put a number on that. Establishing a culture that
this program is gonna stand on for the next five and six years is the most important this we can do. We have to build it, we have a ways to go. I understand that, but I’m used to competing
for championships. My staff is used to
competing for championships and that’s what we’re coming here to do.