At Source for Sports the X Shift Bauer skate has always had a long tradition of being great value. We’re gonna be able to take that up an
entire notch this year with the Bauer Vapor X Shift Pro. It’s a fantastic skate loaded with features we’ve never been able to give you before This skate is built off the X 800, It’s a great skate in it’s own but we’ve actually added upgraded features from the X 900. This skate, because its a Bauer Vapor skate will always have that great narrow heel
pocket its gonna lock your heel into position and offer you the most explosive left to right movement that you can get on the market. This skate is a 3D lasted curved composite quarter and what
that is, is completely water resistant this does not get soggy and heavy. It is the most heat moldable product that we have. This skate features the X Rib pattern, this a process that allows them to take a very lightweight skate and create
rigidity to the back of that skate giving you unbelievable performance when you’re on the ice. It has the upgraded liner from the X 900. So we have a hydrophobic liner that’s called the Hydra-Max. The Hydra-Max liner will keep you absolutely dry and
absolutely comfortable the whole game long. This skate also has the combination felt tongue and has that great feel, so we have unbelievable protection, unbelievable feel as you’re skating it just feels like an
absolute top pro skate. The LS3 blade rounds out this skate, it’s a taller blade which allows you to take it to your Source For Sports have them profile that skate and you’re still gonna have a ton of blade there which allows you too bank this skate deeper into turns and it works in beautiful harmony with new LS Edge holder Incredible value and the best
performance with the Bauer Vapor X-Shift Pro skate. Exclusive to Source For Sports