Dribble – Informal English – Dribble Definition Examples – Vocabulary for CPE CAE IELTS – English hi there to dribble dribble well when the saliva the spit in your
mouth comes over your lips and starts to run
down your chip that is to drip a baby has a bit to catch the drips ok to drip to have saliva coming out of
your mouth but we can use this with other means as well so he’s talking trip he’s talking absolute rubbish stop Tripoli like the woods are coming out but they
have no meat to drip on how about those of you who
play football when you run with the woman who can be just like that used to
triple the attacker dribbled around the defender and shot trip so he was rippling to do it he
really wanted to do so this is metaphoric it’s like they was saliva
coming out of his mouth because he was so hungry at the idea of doing so triple can get the idea of hungry or
rubbing he’s talking drip yeah but he was
dribbling up the mouth he was dribbling to delete I think anyone will probably
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