know the secret to eliminate
varicose veins forever with just two ingredients that you probably have in
home and you didn’t know look how it’s done is very easy nature offers us endless
plants and spices which we offer their medicinal properties for
fight many conditions that we affect and poor circulation is one of
they thanks to a series of ingredients that
Mother Nature offers us we can treat poor blood circulation of
quickly and especially without effects secondary
poor circulation has a number of very common symptoms such as
tingling sensation and cold in the limbs appearance of varicose veins in the
constant exhaustion legs slow wound healing
swelling of hands and feet and ulcers both feet and legs the problems with our system
circulatory entails a series of health problems and if they are not treated
promptly can generate us serious heart problems the liver
kidneys limbs and the brain if you like the idea of ​​taking care of your health
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i will leave a heart having good blood circulation is
indispensable to enjoy a good health
since the blood helps in transport of oxygen and nutrients to each of
the parts of our body that’s why in this video of the day of
today we bring you an excellent remedy natural ideal to end the bad
blood circulation forever it is a radish juice and
carrot carrot and radish juice
a perfect combination to promote the health of your legs the radish is
rich in enzymes that improve circulation and for its large percentage in
water is an excellent diuretic the Carrot is rich in fiber and potassium
minerals that favor the fluid retention reducing the
inflammation ingredients
a glass of water a carrot previously washed and
chopped two well chopped radishes preparation
we add all the ingredients to the glass from the blender we put the blender at maximum speed
to integrate well all ingredients and prevent them from forming
lumps then we proceed to strain it to extract
the juice we can drink this juice once
ready to make the most of your Benefits consumption mode drink a glass a day of this juice use time take this preparation 13 times for
week Now that you know this excellent
home remedy to end the bad circulation tell me what are you going to do today
same don’t go because I want to give you some
recommendations that I know will be great help to prevent or mitigate
annoying varicose veins number 1
it is recommended not to stand or sitting for periods of time
prolonged in case your activity labor develops in these
small conditions are recommended walks throughout the day or perform
circular movements with the feet number 2 the practice of
a suitable sport walking is the most beneficial exercise
for venous sports circulation such as swimming gymnastics the
dance the bike or golf favors the venous return
however sports like tennis the handball or basketball should be avoided
since they cause abrupt variations pressure in the veins number 3 avoid constipation and the
overweight a low feed is recommended in
calories and rich in fiber as well as a correct hydration 1.5 liters of water
up to date Number 4
cold showers cold showers are recommended
on the legs since they activate the venous function and relieves the feeling of
heaviness and pain number 5 wear comfortable clothes it is recommended that you wear comfortable clothes
overly tight garments compress veins and block the circulation of
return number 6 wear wide footwear and
comfortable the use of wide footwear is recommended and
comfortable not narrow or pointed hold the foot while allowing a
correct mobility is not recommended shoes too high or too much
flat a heel of 2 to 3 centimeters is considered appropriate number 7 leg massages massages are recommended
on the legs from the feet to the groin by pressing lightly since
increase the speed of venous return number 8 raise your legs so many times
up to date as possible it is recommended to raise the legs so many
times a day as possible there are household chores that can be
perform sitting with your feet up such as sewing number 9 elevation of the feet during
bed rest foot elevation is recommended
during bed rest you can place a pillow under your
calves in order to raise some 10 to 15 centimeters this measure will allow you to reduce the
ecstasy venous while sleeping we have reached the end of this video by
today we say goodbye not without before inviting you to tell us in the
comments what do you think about this Fabulous radish and carrot smoothie
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