World Cup 2018 Spain or Portugal, who will top Group B and play Russia? VAR will decide! What! VAR! HUH! No foul! Yes! What’s it good for? Absolutely nothing! Say it again! VAR! HUH! A foul! Yes! What’s it good for? Absolutely nothing! Can I take it again? No! VAR! HUH! Good god, y’all! What’s it good for? It’s absolutely shocking! Listen to me! VAR! I despise! It’s bullsh**! It’s more inconsistent… than Nani! HI-5! VAR is a travesty! Something we didn’t want! Unreliable! Like Bale! And Slower.. than Fonte! What! VAR! HUH! A yellow! Yes! What’s it good for! To be fair he hardely touched him… say that again! VAR! HUH! No goal! Goal! What’s it good for! I don’t know what I’m doing! What am I doing?! VAR! HUH! Handball, y’all! What the hell is it good for?! We should have won 1-0! I hate you VAR! I hate you VAR, I hate you even more than I hate missing penalties. And I hate you more than the current standing for the golden boot, haha! Subtitles by the community