so is it worth buying Chinese fake
jerseys anymore here I have two almost identical Manchester United jerseys one
of them is real and one of them is fake but can you tell the difference between
the two then explains how to save yourself a crapload of money by buying
fake sports jerseys so as sports fans we know that if we’re to buy jerseys
they’re going to cost an arm and a leg and effectively they’re just glorified
t-shirts so I don’t understand why they’re so expensive
I know teams have to make money somehow but come on I mean look at the price of
these things and yes technically I already made a video about this like a
couple of years ago and in the couple of years since I last me that video a lot
of stuff has changed quite literally Chinese counterfeiters are getting
extremely good at what they do so good in fact but most of the time you can’t
actually tell the difference anymore so let’s see if you can spot the difference
as I said in the intro we have two manchester united shirts from this
season one real or one fake but which one is which let’s see if you can spot
the difference okay so first impressions they look virtually identical the colors
are virtually the same the one on the left has a slightly more
orangey hue and the one on the right has a slightly more scarlet hue what if you
took compare them side by side indoors they look virtually identical the
stitching is about the same for both jerseys and if you look carefully at the
crest you can see that the one on the left has a thicker crest than the one on
the right but on first impressions they look virtually identical the sponsor
logos are pretty much identical for both the embroidery for the adidas logo well
the one on the left has a thinner logo than the one on the right and if you
were to look carefully the prints the ironed on prints that they’ve added to
the caesars jerseys or actually thicker on the one on the
right of course a look at the material and they’re both pretty much exactly the
same pattern exactly the same smell they they look virtually identical the only
other noticeable difference is that the one on the left has a slightly thicker
color and sleeves than the one on the right but ultimately if you compare
these two side-by-side there’s virtually no difference so can you actually spot
the difference yourself and furthermore can you tell which one is fake cue the
Japanese music okay times up if you said that the one on the left was
fake you’d be wrong because the one on the
left is a real one and the one on the right is a Chinese fake but here’s the
thing there’s virtually no difference between them anymore
yes a few years ago it would have been brutally obvious to figure out which one
is a fake Jersey which one’s a real one but like I said Chinese counterfeiters
are getting so good now that it’s almost impossible to tell the only real
difference between them is the price and I know which price I’d rather pay that’s
all well and good nin but you didn’t show us the backs of the jerseys
well the backs of the shirts currently look like this wait what the is that
okay okay let me explain why I have this
abomination printed on the back of the fake jersey the story started a few
weeks ago when I watched the Manchester United legends game and David Beckham
putting on a Manchester United shirts warm last time and it was freakin
awesome I then decided to buy the shirts and to try and have Beckham number seven
printed on the back of it like you know every other fan so I went to the United
mega store and I bought the real shirt for give 65 pounds I then took it from
the mega store cashier to the mega store printing section to have it printed with
David Beckham numbers seven on the back of its where they
proceeded to tell me no what do you mean no no we can’t do it and why not
apparently mr. Beckham has had his name copyrighted now there’s just two things
wrong with that number one there are companies out there that currently do
that so I’m not entirely sure why Manchester United can’t do that but
secondly they refuse to sell me the lettering so that I could do it myself I
don’t get that I mean if people want Beckham number seven on the back of
their shirts they’ll get it one way or another whether you sell the letters or
not so I’m not entirely sure why they decided to have this stance I know from
a legal standpoint this might put them in hot water but honestly how is he ever
gonna know that I have this printed at the mega store as opposed to some other
company online the reason why I have this monstrosity printed on the back of
this shirt is because this is proof positive that you can have anything
printed on the back of a shirt anywhere in the world except Manchester United I
don’t understand that from a legal standpoint yes but why would you not
sell the letters keep your fans happy so instead I have the number 7 printed on
the back of it and I won’t find the letter somehow I will have his name on
the back of my shirt whether you like it or not
in hindsight guys if I had known that they would have dug their heels in and
not printed the word Beckham on the back of my shirt I just would have bought a
fake one because quite frankly there’s no difference there’s virtually no
difference between them and the quality of these things are so good now that you
can have anything printed on the back of a shirt and it would cost you about 1/5
possibly even less than that fully shipped from anywhere in the world
to your doorstep sewn in would you actually recommend buying these fake
shirts now yeah absolutely ok then where
right from if you do a quick Google search Manchester United China Jersey
Manchester United fake Jersey Manchester whatever you’ll be able to find
companies that will literally charge you about a fifth if not less fully
customized and they will send it to your doorstep now the places I generally go
to are here but I’m sure there are many others out there and literally they cost
a fraction of what they would cost in an authentic shop so if you’re short on
money ya can do and I recommend that you do because spending full price for them
to tell you no you can’t have the the name that you want on the back of your
shirt is quite frankly insane but buyer beware
obviously the standards in China aren’t necessarily as good as where they are
made for real and I actually bought a similar AC Milan shirt where the badges
fell off after just one wash so I’m not saying that this is a perfect solution
by all means but it’s a cheaper one so not only is this video consumer advice
for all you sports fans wanting to save a bit of money but it’s also a warning
shot to these football clubs who think they can overcharge fans and then
proceed to not give them what they want and be complete dicks about it fans
aren’t going to stand for that and you’re gonna realize that pretty soon
that no one’s gonna be buying your overpriced shirts because they’ll be
getting it from China at a fifth of the price it’s going to happen overall if
you are a sports fan and you want to support your team by wearing their shirt
jersey etc and you don’t want to pay the extortionate prices buying them at
Chinese counterfeiters it’s it’s a viable option as you could tell from the
test there’s no real difference between the two anymore so if I were you I’d
save your money and start buying them from China not your authentic Club store
by the way if you do see me at Old Trafford next season wearing this feel
free to come up to me and say hi we’ll get a beer or something before the game
or whatever and I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comment
section below but if you do enjoy this kind of video
whereby it’s a kind of a little bit more factual as opposed to a little bit more
educational let me know the comment section below and I’ll try and make more
off please thank you very much for watching and we’ll see you in the next
episode oh and for all you haters out there who’s just got to say things like
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