Duing US Open 2019 / Players visit Santa Fe Springs Club in LA Many Koreans play badminton in America as well Yongdae and Yeonseong running in the corner Cardio exercise stretching before exercising Korean Americans are watching players playing badminton Yongdae ask Koreans to play with them Before the hard training He is so good! Playing 3 point quick game He score against Yongdae! Yongdae doesn’t want to lose either Yongdae’s powerful smashing Playing Mixed Double for ladies After practice, our players decide to do surprise event for Korean fans Bidding for players’ signed uniform Bidding starts from $100 and the money will be donated to the badminton club I am telling you the winner gets both uniforms Of course, the winner also gets hugs from players You can do whatever you want if you are winner Let’s begin with $100! Going up so fast! He wants to win. He so wants it Winning bid $1000! The winner runs badminton club in San Diego He came all the way from San Diego to support players You were so serious It’s all I ever wanted Taking photos with the winner They didn’t forget about the hug I should start selling my shirt (Yeonseong is a businessman) Our special coach ‘Tony Gunawan’ helped training today Taking group photo with all the fans It’s hard for Korean Americans to watch badminton players Players give unforgettable memories for them Yongdae saying good bye I really thank you all for welcoming us I will continue to do my best as a badminton player I was surprised that I had many fans even in America I really appreciate for all of your support I really hope to see you guys again soon. Thank you Subscribe Like Alarm 🙂 Thanks for Watching