Here is where Yonex Korea players practice Many baminton members also play here Yonex players are getting ready for practice Choi Sol Gyu and Lee Yong Dae also play for Yonex Korea Getting ready for 3 vs 3 practice After all the practice A stranger shows up at the gym Who is this guy who seems to be a friend of Lee Yong Dae? He is Korean announcer “Kim Yoon Sang” He is famous for this video He vistis Lee Yong Dae to learn how to play badminton Do you think I can beat you playing badminton?
(They are same age friend) You look so casual without suit and tie I came to have fun with you I came prepared I even brought my racket How much is this? Around $15 at supermarket How much is yours? Mine? Around $200 For 1 racket? Yeah, good rackets are around this price Mines are two for $15 Have you ever played badminton? Not at all I played for fun before At playground? Wait, let’s get you dressed up first Why? I think I dressed up nice Be quite and go get dressed These are my gifts? You should be perfectly ready for badminton What are these? Why are you prepared so much for me? These are all for you I got you everything I got your shirts and socks too Can I take these all? You know I am a beginner But I like my clothes too I will beat you 10-0? Do you really think you can beat me? He really thinks he can beat me I will go get changed I am ready (what is this?) It fits perfect on me You look good Why didn’t you remove the tag? What are you thinking? He is really funny You came to learn how to play badminton I will teach you from the basic I will teach you the basics of badminton Ah, why don’t you introduce yourself? Finally, he introduces himself Hi, my name is Kim yoon Sang I am sports announcer at SBS. Nice to meet you I only watch badminton on TV Today, I will learn from Yong Dae By the way, I never seen you wearing like this You look so skinny Buy me a nice meal please Why are your legs so thin? Don’t laugh. My legs are fine They just look white See? They are fine Nothing else to say He is so skinny Ok, are you ready? Let’s begin with racket gripping technique I have a first question Can you tell me the difference between these two? This is the one I brought Some people use this shuttlecock, right?
(They can’t believe what they are seeing) No way, look
(Broken suttlecock toy) This one seems already broken How can you play badminton with this toy? He really is a beginner So how are they different? You guys don’t use this one? This is just cheap toy Real shuttlecocks are made of real feathers But this one has no feather at all So it spins with the air flow
(Badminton is science) What’s is really made of? That is for kids So, what’s it made of? Yong Dae is really curious Rubber? Just rubber? So normally people use this type? Never with that one? You played badminton with this before? Sure You don’t know anything about badminton But I have seen people playing with this He really doesn’t know anything No one plays with this? He thinks badminton is for kids Look how many people are playing now You should play badminton as professional now Now you play like professional You don’t need to wrap perfectly I was going to wrap it fast What is this for? This helps the gripping just fit It helps when you smash with the perfect gripping Oh yeah, please introduce yourself Fake Park Seo-joon (Aka. Park Seo-joon) Oh, he looks like him He thinks so too Hello, I’m Kim Dong Wook from Yonex Korea He is the face of Yonex Let’s stretch first Oh, it really feels perfect now My cheap rackets Now I know your racket is so much better You didn’t even remove the price tag? Are you ready to play? When you grip the racket just like clench a fist This is normal way but it can be uncomfortable This is actually what the book says For me, I smash the ball with this grip with the triangle pose Try to make a triangle with your arms Triangle? (He never seen someone like him) Sorry, my mistake Yes, yes. That’s the basic position Your grip now is for smash, drop shot and clear shot Do you know badminton terms? Of course Smash, drop d….droop? drop, drop Ah, drop? Drop shot That’s smashing That’s right. It’s time for backhand I’ll teach you backhand You hold like this for backhack shot Then you change grip with your thumb Should I move my thumb that fast? Yes, you should Even if you play this way first. You should change your grip when you have to Can I not change the grip and just hit the ball? Are you really comfortable that way? You may get wrist injury I don’t care because I may play only for today You play everyday, not me Yes, it’s better to hold here Right here Look at my hand Think as you smash with your index finger Index finger? Oh, yes yes Very good Here you go Do I swing like this? You move your fingers here Use my thumb? Ah, If I should move my thumb Then, you should move your fingers fast Try to move your hands fast when you play Ah, I’m getting it now Let’s try again Now, try to change grip Oh, yes yes. He is good He’s so fast. No wonder how he became annouuncer (What does it have to do with being announcer?)
Your hands are quick Maybe he’s a gambler I think I can be a good gambler Let’s learn smashing Make the grip first. Make the triangle Do I have to stare at the racket? You can do whatever you want Yong Dae seems tired of teaching already Are you mad at me? Don’t worry. Let’s just enjoy You can just play as you like When you swing the racket You swing your arm near your ear So I can hit the ball harder? You put your left arm near the eye level Now you swing the racket towards your left feet To left feet I swing like I wanna hit someone? Yes, just like you him someone You son of! That’s good Just like you throw the baseball You swing your arm throwing the baseball You just swing it just like throwing baseball Oh, I can hear the different sound There you go You also turn around your waiste Start like this then turn around my waiste The lesson continues Lee Yong Dae makes fun of him Keep running and running He even got hit by shuttlecock I feel like….. I can get 2 points against Yong Dae