Now, let me teach you badminton steps Professional players jump when they smash Beginners shouldn’t do that First, you make your position You should have this pose Then, move your left foot Finally swing it to your left foot Yes! Try! Like this? You moved like this You should move like this…one and two What’s one and two? Watch me First, one two, three and four Is it wrong? Gold medalist forgot basic badminton steps Is this correct? One, two, three and four You are wrong This is the right steps from textbook I helped with badminton textbook One, two…my bad Imagine you are looking at the mirror Move your left foot Swing and change your foot Three and four It’s hard Try to be stylish You gotta have some swag You gotta be stylish Coaches seem like they want to give up Is that the best you can do? I don’t know what you are doing Try to follow me How am I doing now? Ah…like a butterfly? First pose is very important Yes! There you go! Nice! I guess that’s the best he can do It doesn’t matter how I look as long as I can beat you (Yoon Sang starts to lose his mind)
Yes, you are correct The pose is not important in badminton as long as you hit the shuttlecock Ah, you didn’t’ come to learn from Yong Dae but to win against him? Yes, he came to beat me (Park Seo Joon Can’t believe what he is hearing)
Seriously? Didn’t you see I barely taught him? Why did you teach him so nicely?
Starting from the gripping I intentionally made many mistakes Now I know why you taught him that way I came as a beginner but now you guys are teaching me like I am a professional (Such a hopeless hard training) When you are on the court, run as you like (Finally, Yong Dae is tired of teaching him) Yes, you are doing good Yoon Sang still tries his best You always keep looking ahead (Park Seo joon doesn’t give up teaching Yoon Sang) (Yong Dae explains the basic badminton rules)
This line is for single players. It’s out beyond this line But double games use outer line Amateurs have different rules No, they are the same Yes, I read from the internet Really? You sure? I’m joking (Yong Dae really believes him) I really believed you because you are a TV announcer Let’s try highlight of badminton “Smashing” Smashing is very difficult Park Seo Joon shows his smashing How did you catch it? I am a professional player I didn’t hit with full power That was not full power?
This is not hard for him to catch I doubt it…Let me see Hey, I am a gold medalist… You never respect me Let me teach you smashing It’s hard to hit Look how my arm moves You gotta push your arm like this at the end Yes! That’s how you do it Now, I understand You can do it! ICDI I can do it You are too rushing My body is too stiff
Yes Let me see how you do Did you see? I received it I only hit with 50% power Try 100% I wanna see how fast come forward You gonna hit me, right? Yoon Sang is not that stupid You are supposed to stand here Let’s go! What the… I can’t do this anymore Yoon Sang is dancing That was so fast (Yoon Sang can’t talk now)
It disappeared first…then…came…in front of…. How would people receive this? Actually, you are supposed to stand here I knew it I was shocked it was so fast There are other players who can smash faster It would be super fast then. It was like a magic It should be around 400km/h Isn’t that too fast? I’m not lying Which Korean player has the fastest smash? Ko Sung Hyun and Yoo Yeon Seong Yoo’s smashing can go over 430km/h I am telling I was really shocked. I couldn’t see it coming Yong Dae looks so much better now That’s because you never seen me playing badminton Yoon Sang suddenly plays better now I almost won this time. How did he receive it? I just drooled little bit He really tried to beat me It was a good game Yoon Sang is really good now Hold the racket high! X 4 Yoon Sang finally beat gold medalist It was a good game Yoon Sang seems to retire after playing for 5 minutes I think I can beat Yong Dae with some advantage Yoon Sang finally goes crazy I think I can win 2 points No way Do you really wanna play game with me? By the way, why aren’t you tired? Is it just me? Do you wanna bet? Dong Wook, do you think Yoon Sang can get score against Yong Dae? Honestly? I think zero point So, I need 2 points to win and Yong Dae needs 11 points Seriously, he can’t even get 1 point Yes… It’s impossible He can’t lie You are my special coach today I really hope you can even get 1 point But you never know because anything can happen in badminton Yong Dae suddenly worries now Let me give you some tips Ok, let’s do 1 point game 1 point? Yong Dae worries Why are you so scary now? Yes, you have a chance if it’s 1 point You saw it. If you get lucky, you can win True The shuttlecock can go over after hitting the net That’s your luck Ok, let’s play one game They will have a 1 point quick game Wait, let me drink some water first What’s the bet? Ok, let’s make a bet. I really think I can win Let’s write a name with butt. It will be humiliating Very old style punishment You okay with that? Okay! I only need 1 point to win and you need 11 Let me ask someone Yoon Sang is asking a guy who was watching them playing badminton Who do you think who will win? Lee Yong Dae He doesn’t need time to answer
Yoon Sang explains the rule again I think Lee Yong Dae will win (Of course) 1 point is possible, right? (Yoon Sang is dreaming)
1 point is possible, right? Can I practice little quick? Meaningless practice This is my point, yes? You should aim for this Wait, do you want to change your mind? He can’t pick Yong Dae easily anymore You seem to be better after the practice Just choose who is going to win (Yoon Sang wants to hear his name) I still choose Lee Yong Dae (Sorry) Meaningless timeout (Yong Dae doesn’t care what they are doing) You don’t think and just focus on hitting the shuttlecock Then maybe I can get lucky You also try to talk to him while playing to distract him (Maybe this is the best tip for Yoon Sang)
You also try to talk to him while playing to distract him Like what? (He must be a fan of B-Connect)
Do you like a girl who can cook? (From dish-washing episode)
Do you like a girl who can cook? Stop talking about girls What kind of girls do you like? Yes, just like that Can I introduce a girl for you? If you talk to him much, it can distract Yong Dae For example, you ask him “how are you these days?” while playing badminton Ongoing timeout (Yong Dae is tired of waiting)
Hey, what are you guys doing? Let’s go! The loser will write his name with his butt in front of your big photo I don’t think I can win this time Who said he is a level D?