As usual, lame intros, gg We are delighted today as a special guest has come to join us in this episode! He is, Jian Le from Ipoh! What’s up guys, I’m Jian Le I myself is a travel content creator Jian Le is also a Youtuber, subscribe him now at RottenApple for beautiful travel guides! Let’s jump straight into today’s episode! Storm in School Episode 4!!!!! You guys can skip this intro hahahaha Boys and Girls, I have a bad news for you today I got a phone call from the Ministry of Education earlier saying that our school’s academic performance is so bad that they are going to stop sponsoring us How? And so, in very near future, we will be facing a crisis, the closure of our school And for you guys, it will be a forced expulsion Ms Tan, someone is here to see you Hello, Ms Tan Isn’t him the badminton player, Jian Le? Don’t you know? Mayfield, do you know? That one whom we always see on the news, he’s very good! Just last week, he was the champion in Thailand Open But i heard that he has some sort of mafia background, so better don’t mess with him, cool huh? Now, it’s time for you to fight for the glory of our school! There will be a badminton competition next month. Which one of you play Badminton well? Me Yes, he can. I played with him before. His backhand is like sweeping the floor. Good, then PK will represent our school Go go pk! Jian Le is cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee The coach is always looking for you But i know that you are not going back Anyway, I want you to know that I will definitely be the champion in the coming competition Because I want the coach to know that I am the best Mayfield, do you know him!? I think he mistook me as someone else I thought so, look at your face, it is impossible that you know someone this great right?? But seriously, that girl beside him, is so prettyyyyyyyyyyy I thought so too! I still think that Jian Le is the best! Hey, the bald guy looks familiar Do i know him?? Le, why are you stressing yourself these day??? Coach, I’m ready for the tournament this December Let’s give Mayfield another 2 weeks, then we decide… 3…… 2…………. 1…………………… 10 types of student you see during Sports lessons Ok, queue up, it’s time for your sports Rainnnnnnnnnnn It’s time! Last time you goal-ed me You won’t be able to score me today!!! Teacher! It’s raining! Where?? Mayfield, your mouth sux I think it’s fine, very mild NOOO, teacher, we will get sick! Teacher, we have changed!!! Forgotten their sports attire I need to kick the ball now! GO!!!!!! ********* Teacher, I didnt bring my sportswear, but I wish to join them so badly Obviously no, go back to class! Teacher! There’s an aunty who looks like PK, she wishes to see you! Aunty, what’s up? Can you please pass this T-shirt to my boy?? Which one is your boi?? The bald one Ms Tan! Don’t believe in him, he’s not my mum! Come here It’s time for sports, go for some soccer Teacher, I’m sick, fever Acting sick I can’t do sports today, very uncomfortable Teacher, me neither I’m on period! Teacher, she’s lying! She just finished her period last week! I have recorded it! Check her bag if you don’t trust me No sanitary pads will be seen iPad Brushing it off Come here, all of you What’s wrong teacher? Your performances are too bad, I will need to extend your training I’m talking about you, mayfield No teacher, NO! We are very bad too! You guys want also? Then do some physical training Do you have a calendar?
No It’s okay, I have! One more week til next sports period! Do you have a watch?? No It’s okay, I have! 5 more hours til sports period! JC, what’s wrong? PK, whats wrong???? 5 more mins til sports period We are behind schedule in our syllabus No sports for today, let’s start our class Take all the good stuffffff There’s only one ball left in the equipment room Then what should we play??? You guys play with this Come, let’s split into teams Mayfield doesn’t do soccer, I will be chosen! You stay here I will be a team with Shermin Shermin, you stay here ok? Look at me while i play, ok? Can I join you guys?? Self extending timeeeeee Go to class first! The bell has rung, PK Ok, we go back first Ok, attendance before going back to class Ok, everyone is here, let’s go back biiiiiiiicycleeeeeeee kickkkkkkkkkkk Ms Tan, nice fragrance I got it from Channelll last week Drying the clothes Ms Tan, I think I’m getting the fragran…………… Warm up first Speed up warm-up Teacher, warm enough!! No, you get injured easily if your warm up is not done properly! Nevermind, let’s speed up! Warm, teacher. It’s getting warm PK, how are you feeling today?? Sure, sweep them like how i sweep the floor Ok PK, your first opponent will be Jian Le Stop making mistakes!!! How can you lose like this??? PK, I thought you are confident in winning? You can’t even score a point! Sit down here JC Hope you honor your defeat When are you returning the 10,000 that you owed me?? What 10,000? He bet that PK will be able to score 1 point against me Stop, leave a finger if you don’t have money to pay. Or else you can’t leave Don’t you dare! Do you know whose territory is it here? Jian Le, I wonder if I can help JC win back his finger? 2 fingers if you lose Don’t play, even PK cannot fight against him I rather lose one finger than two 4 years ago The best player, conquering all the tournaments. You were like genius, they said. However, you disappeared 3 years ago and you come to a shitty school like MR Mayfield, are you serious? I will bear full responsibilities Let’s make it a best of three Save it, I wont even play, if it weren’t for JC We play only one point JC, I’m not sure whether Mayfield knows how to start the match or not!!??? I don’t know, dare not even look Not looking good, Jian Le is attacking Mayfield’s backhand He looks tired too! Look at him! Of course, we have known him for 3 years, have you seen him holding a racquet? He didn’t even do sports! My finger is saved! Mayfield At least inform the coach, If you don’t want to go back to the team Also, one day. I will defeat you Mayfield, never thought that you are that good in badminton! Small matter Next episode, what kind of secret does JC have?? Remember to subscribe to get the latest update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Special thanks to Cubopark for allowing us to shoot at their premises!