Swords of Legends II Episode 01 At the ancient time, the Sky Pillar, Mount Buzhou broke down and the sky shattered, leading to a horrid flood. God Shen Nong built Liuyue City based on Holy Tree Jumu. He guided all gods to refine five-colored stones with which Goddess Nv Wa patched the sky. One tribe was called Lieshan. They worshipped God Shen Nong and offered to help in Liuyue City. God Shen Nong was impressed by their loyalty, so he sealed one drop god blood into the tree. The power of life embodied in it would diffuse through the branches of the tree, supporting Lieshan people
living without food and drinks. The process of patching sky was difficult. God Fu Xi killed giant turtle at east sea with Divine Sword Zhaoming, and use its legs to hold four polars to stop the sky’s falling. The flood rested for it. Soon after that, the hole on sky was patched. However, the Divine Sword Zhaoming
was smashed by the fight and couldn’t keep its shape. After the disaster,
foul air overflowed all over the world. Countless people died as a result. God Shen Nong ordered
the Tribe Liesahn to stayed within the city until he found another adequate residence. God Fu Xi set a magic barrier in order to keep the secret. Since then, the Lieshan Tribe was stranded
above the northern sky. They built great temple and prayed in it day and night, hoping the god would return soon. After thousand years, the foul air was keeping eroding, while God Shen Nong showed no trace. The Supreme Priest Shen Ye was worried about his people, so he cooperated with the Outland Demon, Li Ying, trying to resolve the crisis by the demon’s power. His disciple, Xie Yi
wouldn’t be accompanied by a demon, so lead an uprising. Slaughter swept over the Liuyue City. (Chang’an City) (Yue’s Mansion) Rest the palanquin. Princess Zhaoning. Haven’t I told you, we should sneak in. My princess, please remember what I said last night. You are a lady now. A little shyness is necessary. Too much initiative would bring results against your will. No. Yanjia workshop. Wuyi! Princess. Wuyi. Young Master. Wuyi. – Young Master.
– Wuyi. – Young Master.
– Wuyi. Princess, don’t go! – Dangerous!
– Let me go! – Wuyi!
– Help! Don’t get in, princess, it’s dangerous! Wuyi, don’t die! It’s really dangerous. Don’t leave me alone. Young Master! Wuyi! Wuyi! Young Master! Wuyi! Wuyi! Thank god you are safe. Young Master, look what you’ve done
to Yanjia workshop. Her ladyship will yell at us. Zhao Ning, I finally got it! What did you get? Look at me, such a fool! If not for this explosion, I will never know. What did you know? The Yanjia Bird the big brother
gave me is not broken! What? That’s perfect. Safe and sound. You can take it back. I know nothing about this Yanjia Egg. Even a knowledgable person like you
has no clue about it? Is this thing made by the best Yanjia Engineer on the world, Xie Yi? Yes. But I can’t figure out how it works. Do you know anyone in Chang’an City who can recognize some tricks involved in it? Even my Treasure Pavilion,
which sells rare treasures every day, has witnessed seldom Yanjia, let alone the normal people. I see. Thanks. Zhao Ning. – I got you!
– Zhao Ning. Give me the Yanjia Bird. No, I won’t. No, no and no. You promised that you will give me a flying wooden bird. You owe me this. Stop being a child. Give me now. Fine, I promise. I will make a new one for you. No. I want this one. Zhao Ning. I can give you anything, but not this Yanjia Bird. It’s extremely important to me. Without it, maybe I will never see the big brother. If you want it back, there is one way. What do you want? Senior Brother. You also come. Wenren Yu. Where can you go? What’s happening? How come the fight? Let’s go away. Watch out! Be careful! Wenren Yu. You committed great crime
to leave the Valley without permission. Are you trying to resist arrest? Yu, listen to me.
Come back to Baicao Valley with us. Senior Brother, I can’t obey your order this time. You asked for this. Great! Nice move. She is. Move away. No one hurt? No. Zhao Ning. I’ve been wandering with you all day. When will you give me the Yanjia Bird? I will eat Golden Fried Crab of Cuizhu Pavilion. It’s my and the crab’s honor to serve you princess. Let’s go. Wuyi. What kind of girl do you like? First, I’m not capable of Kong Fu, so she can’t, either. Otherwise once we argued, she will beat me like a chicken. What’s more, she has to have long hair and be gentle and virtuous. Not a dominator. Anyway, she has to be nothing like my mother. I’ve been bullied by her for 20 years. If I find a woman like my mother as wife, I will be a slave for whole life. Wuyi, I get a feeling that your description is like me. Zhao Ning, you are funny. How can you be counted in the gentle and virtuous women? Yue Wuyi! Don’t be bold! Look at yourself, stupid as a illiteracy, weak as a chicken. Playing with wood cubes is all you know. Don’t underestimate the wood cube. I’m a rare talent. After my Yanjia skill is sophisticated, I will make thousands of Yanjia Robot. They would sing at the court and fight at the field. And they would only listen to me. By then, all ladies in Chang’an will fall for my incredible Yanjia Skill. All ladies in Chang’an? Anyone in the Cuizhu Pavilion falling for you would be a miracle. Will you bet? Within one stick of Incense, any girl who is alien to both of us from downstairs would treat me a cup of wine. Deal. If she won’t, Yanjia Bird will be your gift
for my Coming-of-age ceremony. Here she comes. What strange outfit. Tomboy. Wait here. My lady. Hi. Me? I found this beautiful rose is extremely suited to your red dress. So I can’t help to send it to you. First, this is Rosa chinensis, not rose. Second, I’ve already got one on my table.
Why would I need yours? I think this flower is lonely and it need a company. Fine, it has one now. You can leave. My lady, the flower got one, but won’t you be bored to sit here alone? No, I won’t. My lady. My lady. I won’t waste your time here. It’s only because I have made a bet with the girl over there. Bet? On what? That if you like… You like to drink, and willing to treat me one, then I win. My lady, can’t you owe money to those two people? Can you go back to your own seat? As soon as you treat me the wine! Keep it down. Fine, I promise. I will pay. Thanks, lady. Waiter! Yes! What shall you have, sir? How much is the cheapest wine? It’s ten taels. Ten taels? Are you selling god’s wine? My lady, I hope you can afford it? I can, but I only have ten. I’m sorry. Don’t be. We have other ways. Waiter. Yes, sir. Ten taels for one bottle, that’s way out of line. You’ve spent more than a hundred taels for the meal on your table. Why bother to give me trouble for merely ten? Lady, you dropped some silver. That’s not mine. You dropped there. Yes, sir. It’s your silver. What… what my silver? How can you tell it’s mine? I saw it with my eyes. I was wondering why you threw silver on the floor? Yue Wuyi. I will have your head chopped. – What did I do? Always chopping head!
– Quiet! You cheated! Wenren Yu. Cheat on what? Where are you going? None of your business! It’s my business, of course! I count on you to get my Yanjia Bird back. Stop dreaming! You cheated. Yanjia Bird is mine. Are they creditors? Wuyi. Let’s leave here. Zhao Ning, if I save her, will she buy me wine? Look at the situation! Stop thinking the bet! Let’s go! The time isn’t up! Stop! You listen carefully. I will pay her debt. What debt? Isn’t she owing you money? Please move aside, don’t interfere our business. Please move aside, sir. don’t get in my way of helping others. Then I’m sorry. Jingang Robot No.1! Look! What’s it? How can it be? Yanjia! Yanjia! So you are knowledgeable people. My mother said, today is the first day of a month,
not a day for killing. Smart people will go away. I won’t make it hard for you. Then I will be serious. Jingang Attack! Careful! Didn’t I adjust this? How could it miss? Wuyi. This Jingang wouldn’t fight against your dog. Stop being silly. I have improved it. Okay? Crap. The Detection Device was broken. Jingang. Careful! Watch out! It’s me, Jingang. Stop! Don’t hit me! Wuyi. Wuyi. Wenren Yu. Wenren Yu. Yu. Wuyi. Are you alright? I’m good. Okay. Third Prince is arriving. Third Prince! You are back. Greetings, second brother. You are welcome. Didn’t I send your court dress to Taihua Temple? Haven’t you got? Normal dress would be more convenient
for my hard travel. Right. Come to my house this evening. We shall talk. And get drunk. What do you say? Second brother, I have left for too many years. My mother need my company. Please forgive me. It’s fine. We have time. Father is waiting for you. I know. Yan. You have been weak and ill since childhood. I’m not willing to but have to send you
to Taihua Temple for training. I’ve heard that the snow mountain Tai Hua stretches for thousands miles. But I don’t know which one is better, the golden palace here or it? Of course our palace. Only I’m obsessed with the Taoism. Mount Taihua was not a place
with various sceneries, but makes it more suitable for cultivation. I beg for your permission to follow Master Qing He
after his transcendence in Mount Ji. Transcendence? This old taoist’s power must have proceeded. Yes. I’ve been occupied with politics these years. Haven’t see him since long. He also mentioned you a lot. His words showed his care. Qing He has looked after you well. I’ m grateful for that. Luckily you’ve grown up. This time you should stay for a long time. Father. I… Yan. I’m tired today. You should see your mother now. Father, take care. Yue Shaocheng is back for half a hour. 20 years. 20 whole years. Our blood feud with Yue Shaocheng should end today. (Chang’an City) Coming. Who is it? Who is it? Young Master. You are finally back. Is my mother back? She couldn’t find you and blamed us for it. My buns was bruised. My good man. I’ll remember that. Where is she? You go too far now. I was just away for a while, you two made such trouble. I was invited by Lord Liu. I was not home. Okay. It’s all my fault. Are you happy now? Last time, he tore down our bed just for one piece of wood. This time he exploded a room. Next time? Will he pull down whole mansion? My dear, we should think it positively. At least our son is safe, right? That’s all thank to the god. Do you think god has time to watch Wuyi everyday? Yue Shaocheng, you pretend to be obedient all the time. That’s frightening. Everything has its conqueror. A hero can’t fight against his furious wife. Young Master. Life is the most important. Run. Let’s go. If not for your spoiling, how could he tear houses and break beds all day? All because of you! Don’t be angry. My love. Have some tea and be ease. Then you can keep criticizing. You just let him be. He is not young anymore. Who are you? Never thought your wife is good at Kung Fu too. I never knew you before. Did we have any feud? Yue Shaocheng. Do you remember Juandu? Juandu? You led army into Juandu. Killed our people and my father. Such great crime, you may forget, I will not. You… You are the son of Wu Huoluo. My father Wu Huoluo, General of Juandu Kingdom, was murdered by you nasty little man. I will sacrifice your life to the souls of Juandu Kingdom. Kill him! Where does the wind come from? Something must behind this. There is a secret chamber in Yanjia workshop! This is an iron sword. Splendid. Stop moving! Stop! – Sword Hanguang.
– Help! Father! Yue Shaocheng. You bastard! If you didn’t kill my father, why would you have his sword Hanguang? You are wrong. I’m wrong? Move away! Darling! Wuyi! My son! – You alright?
– Yes. That’s impossible. Hanguang is protecting him. I won’t believe it. Hanguang, I’m Anewar, Son of Wu Huoluo. He is your master. Don’t you remember me? Why are you attacking me? That’s not true. Move! Wolf King! Were you hurt? Father. What does this mean? Who are these pepple? Why is this sword so weird? Yue Shaocheng, what spell did you cast on Sword Hanguang? I’ve never used Sword Hanguang these years. If there is no spell, why did it become this? How can my father’s sword opposing me? Yue Shaocheng, since Hanguang chose your side today, I will spare your life for some days. Let’s go. Wait! What? You want fight? Do you think Duke Dingguo’s house is a place where you can come and go at ease? Dear, let them go. Don’t worry, madam. We will see each other again. Yue Shaocheng killed my father,
destroyed my country. I will kill him before I die. My lord. Father, what’s this all about? – Wuyi!
– Wuyi! What’s going on? Nothing wrong? I feel dizzy suddenly. You are frightened. Look your white face. Father, mother. You didn’t tell me what happened? I should go making you some relieving soup. By the way, what’s the sword’s story? How can it fly? And it’s protecting me. This sword is Hanguang. I got this scarce wicked sword while going west. Wicked sword? Maybe they want to get it and take it by their own. There’s another thing, father, why there is an underground chamber in our house? That’s enough. Too many questions. Wuyi, from this day on, I will put away this sword. You should never touch it again. – But…
– No but. I’ve said this is a wicked sword. I know. All right. Go back and have rest. Why mother is still not back? Yan, all the civil and military ministers
are advising your father to decide the next king for the kingdom recently. And father’s decision is… That’s right. Father suggested me something earlier today at Taihe Palace. All these years, we have kept a low profile, but it still comes today. Yan, no matter what, you can’t become a king. You can be relieved. I understand this. Don’t worry, mother. I will find a solution as soon as possible. My lord. The guys in black said they come from Juandu. Are they related to the thing 20 years ago? My love, could you please stop asking? They committed crimes at our house. How can I be silent? Dear, I have promised our king, I would mention the thing
that happened in Juandu again. You either, of course. These people have seen Wuyi’s face. Wuyi should stay in home for a period. I will strengthen our guard and send people to find them. Senior Brother. Thanks for coming. Yu, listen to me. Just go back to Baicao Valley and beg for pardon. Senior Brother, if you want to catch me back, you won’t come alone. Yu, you are too reckless. Do you know what kind of trouble you are in? I know. I stole your passport, conveyed a fake order, and left without permission. Any one could get you penalty of death. Senior Brother,
our master left months to find master Xie Yi, sending back no message. We even don’t know he is dead or not. How can I stop worrying him? Should I just wait in vain at Valley? I’m also worried about master. But what information can you get by running out like this? Yu, listen to me, let’s go back to Baicao Valley. I will ask general for mercy. As for passport, don’t say you stole it. Just say I gave it to you. And I asked you to go out and find the master. Senior Brother, I can’t go back with you to bring you trouble. Yu. Senior Brother, there is still the last hope. If I can’t collect any clue, I will go back with you. The last hope? This Yanjia Egg. This is the only clue about Master Xie Yi
that my master left. If there is no other information in the capital Chang’an, I will give up. Back to Baicao Valley, even general decided to punish me by law, I will accept. Fine. I promise you. – Yan, it’s me.
– Zhao Ning. Are you alright? Yes, I’m good. You are so naughty. I heard that Yan has learned great magic at Mount Taihua. So I want to have a try. I could have hurt you. Third Brother is the best. How could you hurt me? You are well informed. I’m going for you, but you come first. Yan, my Coming-of-age ceremony is in two days. Are you coming to give me a gift? I just arrived. There is no time for that. It’s okay. I know you are in hurry. So you didn’t… So what? I’ve already prepared for you. Look. What’s this? A flower? It’s a wooden hairpin. Do you like it? Is this a real flower? It’s called Snowlike, made of an 1000-year-old pine tree on Taihua. The petals on it was enchanted. They won’t be withered in 100 years. And it has a flavor of flower. Try it. It’s fragrant. Thank you. You are the best! Zhao Ning. Zhao Ning. You are a lady now. You should be contained now. I know. I’m very contained to other people. But you are different. You are my brother. Fixed it! Look! Young Master of Yue’s Mansion. It’s really him. I know such a young man. I happened to have several Yanjia things. He bought them all. He must be the most sophisticated man
about Yanjia Skills in Chang’an. He is from… Right, the Yue’s Mansion. Look, the young master Yue is flying! Unbelievable! He is the Young Master of Yue. It’s you. Lad, come with us.