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Please dress warmly and take good care of yourself. Good, good. At midnight on the 19th,
Park Ji-hoon posted on his official social media. to announce the release of his second mini-album, “360.” He released a surprise image of the scheduler and
officially announced his comeback as a singer. Park Ji-hoon’s second mini-album, “360,” which is
scheduled to be released at 6 p.m. on Dec. 4. Since his solo debut album “O’CLOCK” released in March, It’s his first album in about 10 months. According to the scheduler image,
which represents 360 degrees with multiple curves, In this album, there are 0 degree, 180 degree,
360 degree versions of photo teaser and track list, The music video teaser, album preview, art film,
and lyric images are opened sequentially. He said he will further raise expectations for this album. At JTBC’s “Flower Party,” which ended on Saturday,
Park Ji-hoon is the city’s best Selluppapa. He played the role of Ko Young-soo,
a member of “Flower Party.” He has also displayed his talent as an actor, having topped
the drama’s cast list for eight consecutive weeks. I like your subscription and Don’t forget. Park Ji-hoon, who returned to his job as a singer with
“360,” will show what kind of transformation he will show. Public expectations are rising. Upon hearing this, the public said, “Park Ji-hoon’s
mini-second album, 360, let’s hit the jackpot! I love Park Ji Hoon. He is always handsome and cute.
He always does everything. Park Ji-hoon.” “Park Ji-hoon’s O’CLOCK album is so good that
I’m looking forward to 360 degrees from now on!” I hope you can come soon on December 4th.” “I’m looking forward to album I love Park Ji-hoon”. “Nice Park Ji-hoon As a singer, he showed a variety of
responses, including “Return to the music scene.” Meanwhile, Park Ji-hoon will be released on
December 21 and 22 for two days. At the SK Olympic Handball Stadium in Seoul Olympic Park.
“PARK JI HOON FANSON ASIA TOUR IN SEOUL” He said he’s been busy this year. Here’s another piece of news Kim Min-jae, who recently shot the drama “Flower Party.” Park Ji-hoon became the talk of the town in the
closing round interview of “Flower Party.” “I realized Park Ji-hoon’s popularity,” Kim Min-jae said.
“There was a buffet at the scene of the filming. I don’t think I’ve seen it before.
It was not a snack car but a buffet. I had it a few times, but thanks to you,
I really enjoyed it. It was so good,” he laughed. “Park Ji-hoon felt that he was a really good actor. Although he has worked as a child actor, he must have had
difficulties acting again since he became an adult. Whenever I did that, he said, “Listen, I’m kind of hard on this part,” and he asked him first. I said, “Why don’t you try this?” I don’t know if it helped, albeit a little. Park Ji-hoon is so energetic and kind that I enjoyed working with him.” I told you about Park Ji-hoon, who was the talk of the town. We’re going to feature all the experiments and requests you’re
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