Ya Fil! Up Front Another slide Goal! Woooo! Me and you Fil with the ninja kick No goal Next goal wins all or nothing, it’s close enough right? [birds chirping] Robbie, Robbie, GOAL!!!! [Obnoxious cheering] Gringos, Gringos, Gringos… Free beer, free beer! In Peru Gringos, gringos there, they got one in to feel good at the end Thats alright, we’ll end it at our goal where we at now Robbie? We’re on the East-side bar from our hotel getting two “cerveza’s” each. We’re a good sport so we’re going to buy our our good old teammates or actually the team we were facing a beer Oh ya, that was a hell of a competition. One that we can say we both scored, huh? Ya! Amigos! [Chanting] Peru, Peru, Peru, Peru… We got two. Hey buddy! Amigos! One, two, three: CHEERS, BEERS, YAARRRRR! Good game Good game my friend Cheers pal Let’s go see some Caymans Thank you Alright, we’ll see you tomorrow boys Ya that was a badass cheers beers Cheers, beers, yarrr to echo through the rainforest Now it’s been everywhere In the mountains of Sapa In the rainforest, in the desert like we’ve been Cheers beers and
Yarrs’ing around the world and perhaps that was the biggest cheers beers er
I’ve ever experienced with the biggest beers alright so I guess we’re going cayman spotting soon… [Birds chirping]