Today I’m going to share with you how to cook sticky rice. How to cook sticky rice without it sticking to your hands when you eat it. I had a hard time trying to cook this new sticky rice in Denmark. It’s because it has a lot of starch. So after cooking it, there’s always some of it on my hands. It was so annoying. And I really couldn’t solve this problem no matter what I did. So today we’re going to see how to fix this. It also stays soft all day with my method. This is the rice I’m using. 150 baht for a bag. Here’s what it looks like. I’m going to boil some water first. Ok. I add 2 liters of boiling water in the wok. 2 liters. And stir it. Stir so the grains separate. Rice usually becomes lumpy when adding water. I also stir so the starch starts to come out. I’ll keep stirring for 5 minutes. Here. It’s been 5 minutes. See how the water turns? It’s quite sticky. It’s starchy. Now I’m going run it through water. I do this 3 or 4 times. You can see that the water looks clearer after the 3rd or 4th time. That’s enough. Now leave it soaking for 1 to 2 hours. But do not soak for more than 3 hours. This method works for this new kind of sticky rice. The old sticky rice can be soaked overnight. Loo. It’s been soaking for one hour and now I’m going to steam it. Keep some of the water that you used to rinse the rice. I transferred the rice from this water into the steamer. This water will make the rice become softer. Now let’s see how we’ll use this water. Steam the rice for half an hour until it’s cooked. I’ll put a lid on top. Look. Sprinkle some of the water I kept on top of the rice after 15-20 minutes. Before doing that, I have to turn the rice over. Here. Toss it around. Now I’m moving the bottom part to the top. And slowly sprinkle some of the water on top. I just keep doing this. You don’t need much water. Not too much so it’s not too wet. I’ll keep steaming it for another 15 minutes. Here. It’s been 15 minutes. Time to check its texture! I have to keep cooling it down so it doesn’t get tough. It’s something that Isan people know about. Keep cooling it down until the steam is gone. In my hometown, we call this “Suay” or “Sai”. It’s when you transfer the rice to a large container or tray and then get rid of the steam by stirring. The rice is ready to be put it a monk’s alms bowl while it is still hot. Monks then grab the hot rice as a handball. When I was in a hurry, I put the rice in a monk’s alms bowl right away. It was still so hot. Look. Here we go.! Let’s test its texture. Look at that! I could almost cry. Ever since I moved to Denmark, my sticky rice would always stick to my hands. It’s been 23 years. It’s so soft. Let’s go taste it!