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many ask how long do (queen bees) live instrumental insemination. in
write comments, write in a personal – and how many (such bee) uterus live? this year (2019) we visited Mr. Jürgen Brauze several times in one of the visits he gave us his (bee) uterus of AI (Artificial insemination) this is the (bee) uterus of 2017, with a yellow mark, and now she still lives and hello
I want to show you how they are for winter prepared with their (queen bee) uterus, is there a brood and next year it’s already possible will shoot a video to see how she
coming out of winter well, let’s see I just know that there should be more
the brood simply has to (be) – it cannot but be I see the (queen bee) uterus friends I see her
Now I will show you Well, where are you my queen? here she is probably yes here is the brood printed.
loving pay attention now to street weather I’ll probably write what
I will need to see, I think I do not know but I think 8 degrees can
I will not chill them. uterus with a yellow mark which means that it will already be from 17 to 18 times,
18 to 19, and from 19 to 20 – this will be 3 wintering so friends on this i end this
video and next year spring we let’s see already. God grant her a good wintering
watching the fate of the queen bee Jürgen Browser February 20, 2020 and our bees
flew. today at least in my area the first flyby. so single (bees) flew, but today already in droves although on the street there probably is no more
8 degrees but the sun is here for them heat and this is the bee family with the queen bee Jurgen Brause number 36 from B936 she doesn’t even want to get out, they are sitting in
club see how much feed. this bee family
sits, sits very well this is a tribal (family) from which we interrupt
bee queen family which I bought in 2018 from Jos Gout – 322 bee line all even (identical) here we are visiting Jos Gut all the same, something will fall into this
time, and next time we will come and take the rest. The third (bee family) is bee
uterus of Klaus Ferenbach 956 (line B956) if I do not I am mistaken. we have it (gone in the winter) on 6 streets sat in the club. yes, line 956 flies
she was at Lautenthal in 2018 on (drone from Thomas Rupel) line number 19. here are very calm bees Mr. Ferenbach has a dark bee, and
there is a redhead, and now I got a redhead I like her very strong family
calm well developed from her we will be vaccinated this year and work
with her sit on her cheeks, on her head wherever you want, but I can’t remove the camera and in this (hive) with a yellow cap (bees from) Mr. Perner, now we
look at this home car me there is karnika and there are tribal families
backfast but due to the fact that these are tribal families
I don’t remove them from here, but I don’t give them drone chances to fly backfast. all
true, this line is Mr. Perner 71277 here they occupy all the streets