[Music] everyone Matt Anderson play volleyball for zinnias on an outside hitter hey guys my name is igor union and i’m a beautiful volleyball clubs in kazan and today we will help you to choose shoes to play volleyball for me the most important part of the shoe is to find the the sole the bottom part of the shoe that supports your type of foot some people have flat feet some people have a high arch some people have a medium/large I’m like a medium arch so I need to find a shoe that gives me support through my arch of my foot I’m also on my toes a lot so I want more padding up in the front ok I’m really particular about how I choose my shoes for me the most important thing in the shoe how much is weights because Adams because I’m a quite light guy so I want my shoes to be really light and then I don’t have to feel them on my feet you need to find a shoe that is comfortable for your foot gives you the right support put up before the grip the traction of the bottom of the shoe everyone is different so like the shoe has a this has a gum bottom this translates them almost every type of flooring maybe not concrete or blacktop if you’re playing like basketball outside a specification of the type of floor you’re gonna be playing on concrete or blacktop hardwood floor I know that you can choose different shoes like that depending on what employer finds most of the bottom is here you’ll find all work really well on Teraflex because you know that’s the sport we play and that’s the poor user [Music] [Music] basketball and volleyball have a lot of crossovers a lot of translations I think it’s really similar side to side movements forward and backwards quick explosive movements a lot of jumping contact points on the bottom these are where you’re gonna put most of the pressure of your foot when you’re making different movement side to side movements up on your toes I think this is the Kyrie he was always up on top of his toes and be able to move fast and have a quick contact of the floor and keep traction it’s all depending on the position you play in you know like fair ball use his issue and it’s really hard because he’s a ground-based position so he’s moving side to side he needs that rigidity that’s strengthen the shoe to help him move for me the most important thing is that they Bend here you know because if they really hard then everything about them becomes hard the movement the jumping you know sprinting so it has to be like that I think all the shoes here they’re all really soft you know specification the shoe that you seek out if you don’t want to move like that if you have ankle problems and you know if your shoes too soft like this you sprain your ankle a lot well then you have to choose a shoe that is more comfortable for you and that works for you I use two different shoes for the morning and for the night usually morning trainings more ground based stuff so you’re moving side to side forward and backwards I’m not jumping as much when I get into the jumping so anything a little bit more support to my ankle so high-top and it’s a hike up and he likes your shoes really really tight what I like is that I don’t need as much as support but I like my shoe to be like a sock so when I put my foot inside I don’t have to do my shoelaces very tight so this is a two sort of opposite directions you can go but I mean everyone has a different preference so I mean I would only wear this shoe in the morning because it’s heavy but it’s very comfortable because this boost is always soft the boost is a bit heavier than most of the other cushioning we see here [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] but some guys can use voltage and battery for him it doesn’t matter because he doesn’t it doesn’t really worry about what he feels gonna like he’s just straight functionality of the shoe so there’s a work for him yes he likes his shoe really really tight and he’s got a big foot so when you got size 16 or 17 whatever he’s using you’re limited in your options and you know he found a shoe that works for him and I have a skinnier foot my knee issue that my foot can fit into but then the upper part so this part this shoe up here needs to be soft and be able to fold onto my foot you can pick any shoe on this floor here and somebody’s hurt their ankles somebody’s hurt their knee easily he’s always going to choose something different than I will because we need different things for me my foot is the most important thing for me on the court because it’s my first contact with the ground if something goes wrong with my feet it transfers all the way up to my back that can you know take me out of the game that’s not what we want putting a little bit more money into my shoes and making sure that my shoes are good and ready to go and it’s a really important thing is that I’ll spend a little bit more money on my shoes to make sure that that doesn’t happen thank you guys you’re the black mama to the world bro on average one month one month for a pair of court shoes like I have a special pair of shoes I use for weight lifting ever since I’ve been here so going on six years now I mean the movements I’m doing in there are a lot different than the movements on the court how my foot feels after so like the next morning not blisters no just the tendons in your foot so that’s usually how I know that the shoe is starting to break down when I’m starting to land more I’ll start to feel it’s a little bit harder a little bit more of a bigger impact on my actual foot versus the shoe that’s why I know it’s about time to get rid of them three full pairs this season for example if they stop to get a little hard and I stop to get some pain in my foot then I know that it’s time to throw them away and take a new pair a guy like Luke is a lot bigger than us you know just wait gonna break his shoes down more often big jumpers like Viktor Polat I’ve you know he’s gonna break his shoes down faster than bare bulb does you know you can I think very both could use that pair of shoes all season if not into the second season because he’s not jumping as much and your shoe yeah probably I think the natural course you saw about a month I’m not gonna have the most important thing will be traction to the ground the second most important thing is cushioning because it needs to be soft you know because if you jump on the hard floor in the shoes heart and your ankles you need your back you can start to have pain immediately I think this is two most important things I would build an issue if I’m starting to play volleyball for sure the surface that you’re playing on is is number one if you’re playing for on the indoor courts with cheese for outdoors or vice versa you’re gonna have you’re gonna run into problems the cushioning is is huge as well I’m guessing that everyone has a really big budget to spend on on shoes and so you usually get one pair of shoes for a year at that point in time and go and try them go to a store or find a website that you can return them cushioning surface for sure this is this is my shoe of choice now it’s the nike hyper dunk but it’s got the fly net on it so it’s a little bit tighter on the upper part the high-top for me in high tops when I’m playing volleyball are more important for a little bit more ankle support in the mornings though in the mornings I is this shoe this aim is eager the Damian Lillard it’s a comfortable shoe so the bottom part is really similar to the 92 that I use for games and for nighttime trainings big jumping trainings this just doesn’t support my ankle it’s enough is enough that I need for the big movements and trains my shoe of choice to play and into training is this one it’s all it’s all started us so I like the cushioning I like the traction I like the weight because it’s really like what I look in the shoe for me when I decide what I’m in a plane I think that cost like what $120 150 hyper dunks now a hundred and eighty dollars this model think this is like a hundred and sixty or the most I’ve ever paid their shoot ins playing two hundred two hundred ten dollars if I was doing like a Kobe Nike ID okay so these are the shoes that I wore when we won the World Cup championships this year and Poland and we’re gonna do a little contest so you guys subscribe to our YouTube channel follow us on Instagram or underneath the YouTube video comment the shoes the model that I used in the 2012 Olympic Games best of luck so guys thanks for watching our video we hope that we helped you to know how to choose your first pair of volleyball shoes good luck and lots of success bye if you like what you see subscribe to our YouTube channel and comment below thank you [Music]